well, i did wear red once..

i’ve never really been a big fan of the colour red. i blame my hair.

don’t get me wrong now – i love my hair – but try finding something red that goes with it. not all that easy i tell you. that’s why i decided early on that i don’t like red at all. the same way i decided i don’t like the sun actually.. but the years went by and one day i noticed i did love the sun (as long as i remembered to wear enough sun lotion).. i guess it’s only natural that i recently woke up and realized i wanted something red, perhaps a dress. or even only lipstick. but damn it’s hard to find the right red colour. it can’t be too plum, that’ll end badly. and it can most definitely not be too orange, that’ll end worse. believe me, been there, done that, wrote the book.

today i happened to stumble upon the perfect red nail polish. baby steps, now i can go to a make-up store and ask for a lipstick to go with it. awesome.

one question though.  can you attend a funeral with blood-red nails? …



  1. Well, you know redheads should wear darkish green… it’s the colour that most suits them (we have a family story about that, my grandmother’s mother had red hair, but I won’t bore you!!!).
    About the funeral (sorry, it’s a sick joke but I’ve been watching True Blood recently): only blood red nails if you’re inside the coffin trying to get out….

    1. yes, green is my favourite colour.. but for some reason, i wouldn’t mind red right now 🙂

      and yes… i don’t watch True Blood but i must admit i have a thing for The Vampire Diaries, and my thoughts were kind of going in that same direction..

      good thing it’s cold outside, i can wear gloves!

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