three funerals and a wedding

i had an epiphany in the shower today: hugh grant.

yes. really.

for all sorts of reasons this last year of my life has made me feel like i’m living in a movie. sometime’s it’s been a horror movie gone bad, sometimes hangover – the sequel and sometimes it’s even had a touch of disney. it’s been a mish-mash and i haven’t really understood where it’s heading. but today it hit me. it really is a hugh grant film.  i just hope i won’t have to attend a fourth funeral before it’s over though, three in a year is quite enough.

however, the good thing about it being a hugh grant film is that the goofy englishman always gets the girl in the end (well, except for bridget jones, but honestly the role of the goofy englishman was played by colin firth and he did get the girl..) no matter how bad the screw ups seem and how many turns the film takes it won’t end with the ship sinking or the bloke walking into the fog stating he really doesn’t give a damn.

everything is okay in the end, and if it isn’t, it’s not yet the end.

happy weekend!


One comment

  1. That’s the spirit!! Englishmen always “muddle through” somehow and England might lose battles but it always wins the war!!! So, be English!!!! And in Love Actually Colin Firth AND Hugh Grant both get the girls!!

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