how not to kill a boss


warning - contains coffee.

i don’t know if it’s supposed to be some kind of revenge for this or what, but every single time i have been away from work for a whole day i find my cup filled with… something that probably used to be coffee. kim obviously uses my cup as a bin when filling his with nice warm new coffee.

kim, just because I leave coffee in my cup doesn’t mean you have to. AND if you think i’m ever going to have a zip of it, even by mistake, you’re wrong. terribly wrong.

thought i’d make it clear.

and just to show you all what a good boss i am, i washed kim’s cup this morning. now how many employers do you know that do such nice things?


  1. The Assistant · · Reply

    I’m REALLY not trying to kill you, but you are completely right. Its a bin for when I cant be arsed walking all the way to the toilet..

    I had planned however, to wipe and wash away all the evidence
    but it was friday and I hopped out of that place as soon as I could.

  2. When the cat’s away the mice play….
    Chia, now you must choose between violent repression or understanding conciliation… If you don’t act quickly, the situation might get out of hand and the Chia Empire could collapse like the Soviet Union…

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