bureaucracy and insomnia

today i have to leave work early to drive to gerby (75km east of helsinki) and find one piece of paper in dad’s drawers and bring it to the south finland district survey office (damn what a fancy name!) in porvoo (30km back the same road). it’s a good thing i know the paper already exists (somewhere) at gerby though, otherwise i’d have to start by going to the bank in loviisa (30km east of gerby) and have them print it for me just so i could bring it to porvoo so that they can send a letter to the bank in loviisa that everything is okay for the estate inventory next week. the bank in loviisa can under no circumstances send the paper themselves to the land survey office. i will not need to sign anything, just bring the paper myself and within office hours of course.

yes. for real. that’s my plans for today. bureaucracy.  you’ve gotta love it.

the fact that it has been snowing and i only slept approx 3 hours last night makes the whole driving back and forth so much more… interesting. good thing that a friend and my niece are joining me, at least i will be kept awake.

oh well, as usual things could be worse. and i have a nice weekend with the girls at gerby to look forward to… a lot of ginger bread cookie dough and glögg, girlie movies (hugh grant!!) and red wine. can’t complain.  if we manage to get the temperature up that is… my bet is that it will be around 5 degrees celsius indoors when arriving at gerby.

ooh, postman pat just brought me a box.. from esprit.com. iz pööörfect day! (eh yes. i have the attention span of a fork today. blame it on the insomnia.)

happy weekend everybody!


One comment

  1. Enjoy the week-end once the bureaucratic nightmare is over….!!! Talk about civil SERVANTS (what a joke)!!!!

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