a place called gerby III

i hope people have noticed that i’m not complaining as much this winter as i did last. that winter was so full of anxiety, fear for the future and sorrows, the weather making it indescribable awful. however, just because i’m not complaining this year doesn’t mean i like it. the snow might be picture beautiful, but i wasn’t jumping with joy when taking these photos in -17° earlier today… i still want to get the hell out of this country, so all you winter lovers can stop hoping of ever getting me over to your side. I WANT MY SUMMER!!… or at least plus degrees…


the forest of gerby

sun already starting to set at 1 p.m…





  1. Lovely pictures!!!!!!! Sorry, I’m a winter lover!!! Actually, what I like are seasons that change. All we get in this “·$”·%&%&%(/(==/%··&???!!!! country are v. hot summers and rubbishy winters with more or less no spring or autumn. Anyway, remember Rocío and I extend an open invitation to you to come anytime you want some Spanish weather!!!

    1. well, as i say, it IS beautiful. but it really is too cold… and i might just take you up on that offer, thank you both 🙂
      (i would invite you to gerby as well, but it was 1,1° indoors there yesterday when i ran in to get some things for my mum…)

  2. Ah, and we’re working on our IWE for last week-end May / first week-end June in Segovia. Definite date to be confirmed soon + programme etc.

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