this is the official “imitate france week” here in finland (oh the joy!) last year this very same week the baggage handlers were on a strike – leaving me no choice but to write all international guests that they might want to pack their white ties and long dresses in their hand luggage.

this year the cabin crew has decided to go on a strike. this affects all finnair and blue1 flights to and from finland and i am yet again writing e-mails to all corners of europe, trying to figure out exactly how many of my 57 guests might be affected and if we can find alternative routes for people to get here.

i need a drink.



  1. Haha. Skal ikke være enkelt her i livet, men maken til uflaks da gitt…..

    1. ja, verkligen… men det verkar ordna sig för de flesta 🙂

  2. let them come to Tallinn…. And then to Helsinki

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