i’ve gotta feeling…

i woke up feeling like a child on christmas morning… after months of planning, weeks of trying to get the schedule working, days of throwing curses over finnair and hours of fixing other last-minute problems, the international weekend with its terrific independence day ball is finally here again. i have been part of the organising committee since 2003 (yes, feeling very old here now) and since i have decided this will be the last one that i’m involved in, i am going out with a bang! bragging is never nice, but i really can’t help it this time… this will be one helluva weekend, sorry to see some of you missing out on it!

happy weekend and a big woop woop welcome to all you 57 guests from austria, belgium, france, germany, hungary, the netherlands, portugal, spain, sweden and switzerland!



  1. Good luck and well done!!!! What will the Russians think of all these nobles congregating in Helsingfors and suddenly descending on Estonia??????????????? A counterrevolution or the New Livonian Crusades?????????????????

  2. Chia,
    I am so much looking forward to this weekend have been waiting for it half a year!!!

    By the way – I guess you are the most wonderfull, courageous and crazy curly wurly wizard of the north!!!!!

    Woop woop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And lots of love

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