helsinki today II

71 cm of snow. -10° and a slight wind, making it feel like -14°. the sun went up at 9.23 a.m. and will set at 3.12 p.m. yes. that makes the day less than 6 hours long. it’s dark when you leave for work and it’s darker when you return home. in between it’s grey.


now, who’s up for a game of dude, where’s my car?



  1. Don’t despair: all will begin to get better after the Winter solstice….
    Meanwhile, who don’t they invent a remote or something to heat up the car while you’re still in the ofice… Set it off from the comfort of your office and 30 mins later when you leave there is your car…

    1. oh but i only have 200 metres to my work so i don’t use it that often (which is why it will be a challenge to find it..). and actually we do have heating devices to warm up our cars before we use them, but there isn’t a socket close by where it is now… bläurgh!

  2. Kollade just, det är också BARA 67 cm snö 😛

    1. det är för att vinden har fört bort översta lagret… Päivystävän meteorologin mukaan aikaisin aamulla oli yhdeksi havainnoksi Helsingin Kaisaniemessä saatu 71 senttiä, mutta se ei tule viralliseksi tulokseksi. Lumen painuminen ja tuuli ovat pienentäneet lumikinosta.

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