and that’s how it’s done


bye bye champagne stains

no, i have not been kidding. i really do wash my ball gowns myself. and it’s much easier now when mum has a bath tub, it was a bit difficult in my shower..


seriously, why hand over your expensive dresses to a dry cleaner’s and sign an agreement that you hold liability if they screw up and then pay them to wash the dresses in water anyway (a little tip i got from the shop keeper  i’ve bought two of my gowns from) when you can do it yourself? the amount of money i save getting my hands wet allows me to invest in more gowns… which is exactly what i did in copenhagen – thank you sandra for finding me the perfect dress! what a smashing new year it will be..

and yes, thank you, i had a very nice christmas. just don’t feel up for writing that much more about it right now.


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