the nightmare after christmas

i never have nightmares. or at least very seldom, talking once a year here now, tops. but tonight i had one. some kind of weird haunted dream, probably created by the ghost of christmas present.. woke up only to realise i had been asleep for merely a couple of hours, feeling way too scared and unwilling to fall asleep again. these are the times i’d really like to have that special someone here beside me. to trust that the warm and strong arm around me will keep me safe and secure. my duvet isn’t really doing it for me right now..

but to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose. neither my father nor i have been known to quote the bible, but that specific philosophical view of life he fully believed in, as do i. he used to say there’s a reason for everything that happens even though you might not always realise it at the time and i used to see those reasons later on, never really wanting to admit he had been right. again. that said, him being ill for so long, having to suffer so hard, i will never understand. but him dying that very day four months ago has finally started to make some funny sense.

oh well, guess i can’t stay up all night. time to face the ghost of christmas yet to come…


One comment

  1. Beware the ghost of indigestion present….. Plus, apparently red wine does give some people nightmares for some chemical reason… Don’t know if that’s the case…???? Christmas overindulgence??

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