meanwhile, in brussels… part deux

bad ideas so far this year

  1. trying to help a middle-aged belgian man who was stuck in the “snow” (= ~5 cm.) clearly it’s better to furiously keep pushing the accelerator than listen to the young finnish woman telling you to back up instead, turn the wheel a bit and try slowly again.. (actually it was the last bad idea for 2010, but i learnt my lesson – won’t try to be helpful again in that kind of situation)
  2. spending time in brussels without having dusted off my french nor dutch before going. feels stupid speaking english when you’re supposed to know the native languages – or at least enough to survive in both.

good ideas so far this year

  1. beginning it somewhere with no (almost at least) snow. woke up to sunshine today actually.
  2. taking a nap instead of going bowling – this is the first cilane event in ages that hasn’t ended with me munching pain killers for an aching back. i have finally learnt to say no to things i know will end badly.
  3. last but not least: developing a kama sutra game for nintendo wii – everyone (high) scores! creative thinking during brunch…




  1. Stefan · · Reply

    If you need more inspiration for the Kama Sutra game, check this out:

    1. hahaha… lovely.. 😀 we were actually thinking more in the lines of mixing kama sutra with a game of twister and from there it just went off the rails a bit.

  2. From experience, good idea nr 2 is essential to survive CILANE…. well done, bugger the bowling and have a repairing nap.

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