madama butterfly

chia anno 2011?

they call me madam all of a sudden. madam this and madam that. not once have i’ve been called mademoiselle these last days. okay. francophone politeness i guess. i can handle that. but when the woman (note that she was in her 50’s)  at the baggage drop desk called me Mrs (yes, notice the capital letter) i felt my spine twitching. bloody hell…

is it written all over my face that i’m turning 30 in a couple of months?! do people want me to get a crisis?



  1. Sophie · · Reply

    I think the rules have changed; everyone gets called madame in French speaking countries nowadays.

    1. okay.. good to hear. and as i said, i can live with that. but the (dutch) lady at the counter calling me Mrs instead of Ms (as it actually stood on the boarding card)…??!

  2. Don’t worry, it’s just political correctness gone stupid, nothing to do with age. Señorita is on the way out here for the same reason… therefore, I insist on using it!!

  3. Ha ha haaa – den där var bra! Klart att det står skrivet i vår panna hur GAMLA vi är 😀

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