i’m just a dreamer


my favourite piece of jewellery. it isn’t an expensive one, it’s not even old. it’s one i bought a year ago in the viking xprs shop. we were on one last cruise with dad, he loved the sea and this had been his last wish, to spend a day out to sea with his closest family. aboard the ship he gave us all some money, to buy something special. it wasn’t a difficult decision for me when i saw the bjørg pendant.

last night i had a dream that made me wake up with a smile. it made me feel good. (oh, no, not one of those dreams… you naughty you…)

2011 will turn out all right i thought when getting ready for work. the dream had brought my confidence and good mood back.

a few hours later i got a text from a friend of mine. she had had a similar dream. about me. now that’s just weird, isn’t it? …or?


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