merry england

can someone PLEASE explain english bureaucracy to me? i simply do not get it.

every year it’s the same procedure when ordering books. i place my orders and sign with my name and account number for that specific publisher.the books from sweden will appear with an attached invoice within a week. the books from the uk… well, let’s just say, they usually appear very delayed after me having suffered from at least one rage due to all the extra information suddenly needed. one year i couldn’t get my books from a particular publishing house because they lacked info about our shipper. eh… just send the package with anyone? no, they needed me to name a shipper.. so, i chose the one the other uk publishers use when delivering our books. not good enough, they also needed the address and name of the CEO (as well as his shoe size and mother’s maiden name.) so i googled and gave them the head office address. “oh, but your shipper is based in denmark, we need your uk shipper” … WE DON’T HAVE ONE. “oh. we apologize for the inconvenience but we cannot set up an account for you, do you still want to place an order?”

this year they (i.e. the same company) took over a week to even respond to my attempt to place an order (i’m starting to think that they don’t have internet over there. AT ALL. and even if they do they certainly do not know how to use it..) and then their short response was “Could you please provide one of your previous invoice numbers? Many thanks.”

wtf am i missing here?!? except for two titles in my shelves and courses start monday..




  1. The English are strange indeed! I don’t understand them either! Before Christmas I ordered some DVDs. Half of them came in time the others two weeks delayed. As noone answered the door they placed it “safely” in our recycling bin!!! WTF!!????

    1. in the recycling bin? logical… haha!! kinda cute in some bizarre way thou.

  2. (dunno what happened to my first reply, it just disappeared)

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