the wedding

reunited after being apart 15 minutes

the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome. the guests were happy and the parents proud. i spent my evening looking after the bride’s daughter, my sweet god-daughter aurora. she’s without a doubt the smartest three-year old i’ve ever met (and she’s not even three yet) – making it very easy and effortless to keep her company. the modelling dough i had bought her did of course help a bit, it’s hard enough for grown ups to sit still during a long dinner.

but anyway, when starting to feel really restless and the modelling dough wasn’t all that fun anymore, this smart little girl asked me at if she could borrow my handbag, “i’ll go to the sofa and have a look at it so that you can eat,” she said.

no, i couldn’t believe what i was hearing either. but she took the handbag, put it on her shoulder, took hauvva (her favourite teddy) in her other hand and whispered “i’m off to work now, see you later” and pluckily walked away. at the sofa she had found the photographer, and told him that she is at work and needs to make some phone calls, but he can stay if he wanted to.

adorable girl.


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