typical tuesday

*warning* this will be perhaps the most boring blog post i have ever written.

i simply do not have anything new to tell you. had a case of insomnia – nichts neues there. this time i blame facebook chat and dyac. then i had the weirdest dreams – nothing new there either. i woke up hoping it was spring only to realise the poor chirping birds are still trapped in my wake up light. got out of bed, got my daily dose of vitamins and went to work. noted that everything is greyer than grey, it’s snowing sideways and i really want to go back to my cozy bed.

one of those days when you suspect that nothing significant will happen, the day will in the long run turn out to be totally meaningless. as i’ve said before: january – the never-ending monday. ugh.

however, this was waiting for me in my inbox… perhaps i should get one?


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