be careful what you wish for… II

snow be gone!

what the h… happened with this day? it started out so good with the sunshine and everything.

i worked around the fact that i’m stuck in a basement by suddenly remembering i have to go to the bank. and while i was out in the sun i took a longer walk back. on the way i bought some really nice shoes from a small shop i’ve never been to before.

so, i got my wish. thank you.

but then. after that. everything just went from weird to bizarre to sloooow in a couple of hours. don’t know how or why, but it seems like every single person had a f*cked up day starting around 3 p.m… not gonna go into details, but… goddammit, what??! i spent my whole afternoon and evening waiting for things (and people) and nothing really went according to plans. glad to finally be back home.

oh well, at least i got a really nice pair of shoes out of this day. *happy*

and do note that i’m not making any wishes for tomorrow..


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