is it summer yet?


shabby chic

bought a book and now i’m over the top inspired…

last summer i redecorated the master bedroom at gerby. my mum had moved away and it was clear my dad wasn’t returning anymore, gerby was all mine. i didn’t really know what to do with it, but i sensed i had to do something and i had to start right away. i had a feeling i was being watched and i wanted to show that i was capable of taking over.

after thinking about it for a couple of days it was clear i had to begin by moving out of my childhood bedroom. until i did that the house itself would be in charge, i could feel it. all the weird sounds and cracks, not to talk about the ant invasion..

and so it begun. the transformation.

i have already decided that the hall and stairs are next. but first the new roof has to be in place. and for that to happen the snow has to disappear. bleh. i want to start right away. start painting, start looking for things to decorate with…




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  1. Master the house!!! Show it who’s boss!!!

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