when did mannerheim die?

late this morning, i was still lying in bed, my brother called. he explained he had not slept and since i – supposedly, at least on paper, he pointed out twice – am the smart one in the family i need to answer a question for him. the question was when c.g.e. mannerheim, the marshal of finland, died.

yesterday, the 28th, finland celebrated (can you use that word in this sentence? hmm..) the 60th anniversary of the marshal’s death. hence, the obvious answer would’ve been jan 28th 1951. but no. the marshal actually died jan 27th in lausanne. at around 11.30 p.m. CET… i.e. 0.30 a.m. next day finnish time.

after explaining this to me my brother asked me again, when did mannerheim die? think about that and get your lazy arse out of bed.

riight. i admit i was more than a little confused. why is this even a question? you die when you die.

by the time my brother came over for lunch he had asked 12 people the same question. since he didn’t get the same answer from everyone we started thinking about it a bit more. was the person in switzerland right when he noted that the marshal died jan 27th 23.30 or was the person who got the call in finland right when he wrote down that the marshal died jan 28th 0.30?

apparently this had been too much to think about for the people in charge back then. the answer is therefore that marshal mannerheim has two official dates of death. (yes, really. you can google it if you don’t believe me)

i’m going to take a nap now, this has been stressful for my saturday sloth brain.


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