holy snow!

house still standing

i kinda feel that i’m starting to get enough of winter. don’t really know why, it’s just a feeling i’ve got…

had to get some papers from gerby today. since the road there is completely snowed in i had to go another way, leave the car and walk the last 800 metres. at one point i took a step away from the snowmobile track (thank you dmitri!) and half of me disappeared…

-1* celcius indoors.. lovely.

when leaving about an hour later the wind had seen to it that the road i had left my car on was snowed in as well and hence i got stuck. the chassis on my poor focus was just too low to handle the about 40 cm high and a meter wide snow barrier that was between me and the main road – the car simply croaked in the middle of it all.  i think my father would’ve been very proud of the words that came quite naturally at that point. thinking of the idiot in belgium that couldn’t move his car in 5 cm snow, i decided i’m not turning helpless here.. restarted the engine, said a few more words and continued. after all, i was expected at my niece’s birthday party.

and yes, correctly noted. it IS sunshine that you see on my pics. it’s the third day in a week that we’ve seen the sun here in southern finland – amazing.


One comment

  1. Well it certainly LOOKS lovely, although I understand what it must be like living in and under it…. Still, it looks just beautiful….
    I’m dying to get to our own stuga in the north, haven’t been there since about September… (altitude 400 m above sea level but only 30km from the Atlantic… so we do get snow sometimes)

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