the booklet

yesterday at gerby, when looking for the papers i needed, i found something else. it’s quite weird actually, i’m sure i went through all dad’s drawers and cabinets last summer, but for some reason i hadn’t seen this thing before.

those of you who know me also know that i’m a sucker for all sorts of sayings and quotes. i always have a saying up my sleeve, quotes scrabbled down in my diaries and cuttings from magazines on my fridge. i don’t really know how it all begun, but already 20 years ago dad started buying me these cute little books with funny sayings, always saying “you who like this”. what i mean by stating i don’t know how it begun is that i don’t know when i got the first one, if it was from him or from where. yesterday i realised i kind of have it in my blood.

what i found was a booklet filled with sayings, quotes and poems. it was my grandmother’s and she had obviously collected the cuttings for years. i was mesmerised and if it hadn’t been for the fact that it was below zero indoors i would probably have forgotten why i was there in the first place.

the thing that got me the most was the small notes about my grandfather she had made. i’ve heard the stories about him and somehow always assumed she must have had a difficult life. i never thought of the love they must have shared. an unconditional, patient and enduring love filled with a deep connection, silent understanding and an attraction that held it all together. it’s as true as it has been said – love cannot be explained, love simply is.

since i promised dad that all his diaries and photos were to stay at gerby i gathered this belonged in the same category and didn’t take it with me. another reason for me to long for summer…


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  1. A real treasure!!!!!

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