i’m going slightly mad

yesterday's empty kitchen table is but a dream today

filling in agriculture and forestry tax return forms. or rather.. TRYING to. did it together with dad last year, he didn’t know what we were doing, i didn’t know what we were doing and today i have no clue whatsoever how we came up with all those numbers. tried calling mum to get a specific number out of her, bad idea. tried looking at the finnish tax office web pages, even worse idea.

the west indies came up in two completely separate conversations yesterday. i’m beginning to think of it as a sign to sell everything i own and book a one way ticket. start up a nice little beach bar and hire some good staff. get myself a hammock under a palm tree and just lie there with an orange drink in one hand and.. umm.. something else.. in the other. somewhere in the background a rastafari dude is smoking and singing. oh what a wonderful world..

break over, back to reality. happy happy joy joy, damned socialist country.


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