hoplessly devoted to you

i’m thinking of changing my facebook relationship status to “in a complicated relationship with the snooze button” … don’t know how i ended up here – again. can’t seem to get myself out of bed without snoozing at least 40 min. today it was 70 min… and rest assured, i’m NOT proud.

the problem is that if i do decide to break up with that untrustworthy son-of-a-bitch, i might oversleep for real. i mean… i might decide to close my eyes “just for a few more minutes” and without the snooze going off ten minutes later i might wake up an hour later… hmm.. well, compared to today, i don’t actually see the difference, but.. i’m just saying it MIGHT end badly.

i have to think about it. start visualising how my life would be without snooze in it.



  1. […] snowdrops already blossoming in the front yards and everyone is merry and joyful. And yes, my dear Chia, I did snooze for almost 60 minutes as well. Don’t feel bad about […]

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