i wish you enough

today i woke up with a smile. i could feel this would be a great day, and even though i did snooze for a while, i followed the advice i got yesterday – i used the time to some seriously positive thinking, visualising exactly how i want to solve everything.

once i got myself out of bed i had to take a detour to get to work but instead of swearing over the chilly temperature i decided to think it’d be a nice stroll in the sun (that is when i realised that the sun actually is shining both when i go to work as well as when i leave – victory!) when i reached the main door i stumbled into a delivery boy. he brought some big boxes that the poor post man would have dragged down to my basement only to find out that nope, i’ve ordered them for someone in the third floor, please take them up there instead.. this way i could spare him ten minutes of totally unnecessary work. win-win.

an hour later i get a message from one of my dearest friends, she’s got engaged. i couldn’t be happier for her and her lovely beau.

what an enjoyable day this is, enough of everything* really. perfect.

EDIT 30 min later: a customer just brought kim and me a couple of home made cinnamon rolls. and i got a message that there’s place for me in the yoga class tonight. and it’s salary day.

*to explain what i mean by enough of everything i ask you to read this beautiful text.


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