teddy the penguin


the last laugh of this incredibly intense day i give to this crazy englishman. he has never (well.. almost never) ice skated before and in a couple of days he will skate 200 km here in finland (nutter…) he wobbled around a small pond in helsinki with a  finnish news reporter earlier today and when asked how he has trained he spoke about all the “funny moves” he’s  been doing in parks back home. hmm.. okay.. obviously a complete nutcase.

when asked how he has prepared for the -25 degrees he will be facing in kuopio he told the reporter that he has been taking really cold baths. yes. you heard me. the poor guy has been lying at home in london in his bath tub pretending to be freezing in finland. this is seriously the funniest mental image i’ve ever had. thank you teddy, i cannot stop laughing.

however. i really do hope he succeeds (or at least survives,) the reason for his entering the competition is very admirable – he’s raising money for a children’s hospital.

go teddy, you have my support!


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