baby steps

i continued in some* direction yesterday. we had a very intense and interesting meeting with the company board, and i told them to be prepared that i will give notice as soon as i find something new to do. so now it’s official. you can start sending your job offers…

what kind of job i’m looking for? well.. that’s the problem here. i don’t know. i do however know that i don’t want any financial or other typical job my masters in economics normally would attract. i want to work with people, not numbers. i want to be driven by feeling good about what i do rather than getting rich doing it. i’m good at a lot of things, but i’m not specialised in anything (except being extremely organised [order by chaos]) and the main thing i know is that i do not want to work in finnish. i can gladly accept jobs where finnish is considered an advantage, but the daily job needs to be in another language. okay?

until i find something that is interesting enough i’ll continue dancing around here in my basement, laughing at the small notes the assistant keeps leaving everywhere (today i found on the cash register “smile! it confuses people” – and yes, i can assure you the first customer of the day looked a bit baffled when i burst out in a laugh..)

* the right direction is still a bit foggy as you can see on the header of my blog, but some direction is better than none


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