ällös ollo kävellyt

this is a post for all of you who may wonder why i don’t want to work in finnish. first, let’s get one thing straight. in finland we have this thing called swedish speaking finns and i’m one of them. we are born here, as were our parents and their parents, we do not come from sweden and we do most certainly not support the swedish ice hockey team.

my mother tongue is swedish, my whole family (well, almost anyway) is swedish speaking, i went to school in swedish, i have only swedish speaking friends here, i studied for my masters in swedish and english and i’ve been working for ten years in swedish. finnish does not come natural for me.

and if you want to learn finnish properly… well.. have a look for yourselves. this is a formula for how to conjugate the word walk – kävellä. the “kieltomuoto”-column is how you deny walking. this is what we learn in school. and this is only the verbs.

now do you understand?


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