enter march

it’s time. time to wake up from the (mental) hibernation, time to leave the uggs and down jacket in the closet and time to start implementing all those thoughts that are finally more or less sorted out in this thick-haired head of mine.

if january was monday month, february has been carb-face month. i’ve done nothing but hang around with me, myself and i, some nice books and a lot – and i mean A LOT – of stuff to eat. yes, occasionally i’ve hung out with my yoga mat and i’ve even dragged myself to one party (yej..) but other than that.. naah. nada. i’ve almost kept my no shopping-resolution as well. i haven’t bought anything that i didn’t need, except for all the extra food.. been quite an interesting month in many ways.

but it’s over now. time for birthday month. first month of spring. the month of change. now things will start to happen. mark my words. it’s time.

and to top it off i just received an e-mail with the text “spring is almost here, i can see the deer walking around in my garden again” ….


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