post dinner ebola

today i’m taking a sick day. normal people take them during workdays but since i’m such a loyal worker i see to it to get my 24h flus on sundays or other holidays. somewhere between pudding and the after dinner drink yesterday the flu hit – i went from having a blast to becoming the most boring of them all and decided it’d be best for all involved if i just went home. been sleeping pretty much since then. my thermometer died with a heartbreaking beep this morning so i haven’t been able to decide if i have a fever or not, but don’t think so. it’s just a tiny bug, it’ll be gone tomorrow.

yesterday’s hen party was a total success, the bride to be looked like a child on christmas eve most of the time and the rest of us were happy simply watching her. some passing cars slowed down and almost stopped – it’s not every day you see someone standing on a horse or galloping backwards with your arms stretched out..


the kosack way of enjoying the sun




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