kanelbullens dag*

as part of this whole growing old – stuff, i have actually started preparing already for my small get together with the family on saturday. since i have a very big family and a rather small apartment, i can’t really do it the push-everything-into-the-closet-and-prepare-something-an-hour-before-kind of way, i have to have a plan how to fit everyone in and what to treat them.

i decided to start by baking cinnamon rolls. haven’t done that for years. now i cannot stop laughing because they all look.. very special**..

and needless to say i have a tummy ache. pushing 30 and i still don’t know when to quit eating dough. mummy…

* in sweden they celebrate the day of the cinnamon roll every year in october. i’m a bit late, as usual..

** to be pronounced with a very strong swedish accent

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