may the best of your past be the worst of your future*

30. thirty. taste it for a while. very grown up, n’est pas? well, after surviving, coming out on the other side so to say, i can honestly say i think i will like it here. damn i had a good day yesterday, and as it is said – things can only get better…

as most people i don’t like surprises. or, as most people, that’s what i say, secretly hoping that someone will manage to actually surprise me. i’m the kind of person that is always in such control that it’s hard for others to fool me. yesterday however i was surprised. really surprised. when it knocked on my back office door i honestly thought it was some student with an early problem, but no. there they were. the three best friends that anyone could have (and now you’re all supposed to start singing the extremely stupid song from the hangover, google it if you haven’t seen the film).. with chocolate cake and bubbly they handed me a present – a matrjosjka. ööh, okay.. i opened it. inside was the real present – a party weekend for six in st petersburg in may. sweet!

a few glasses of bubbly later i came to the conclusion it might be best to ask my assistant to get himself over here, attending to customers didn’t really appeal to me anymore for some reason.. he showed up with a present from him and his mum, a blouse from her shop. i’ve been longing for that blouse since last summer or something. aaaw!

after emptying the bottle later in the afternoon i went to get some more chocolate cake with another dear dear friend. well, that little coffee break ended with us getting some thai take away, buying more bubbly and going back to her place to pretty much do nada. can only conclude that top gear might be funny at any point, but when you’ve been tipsy more or less the last ten hours there’s no end to how hilarious clarkson & co are. oliveeer!

the celebrations continue tomorrow. hooray!


*thank you tussi, it sums it up quite good..


One comment

  1. You had a such a great day :).
    I am glad for you :).
    Hopefully will see you soon 🙂

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