give us today our daily coffee

i got a new coffee maker from the birthday bunny (a.k.a. my brother & co) so today i could take my old yellow machine to work. it’s smaller than small, it cost me about 9,90 euro some ten years ago and i’ve never managed to make coffee with it without having it all over the place and it tasting like something that came out the back-end of a horse (which is why my guests always have had to settle with instant coffee.) that’s until this morning. for some reason i managed to make better tasting coffee than ever in our old machine (the one the cleaner killed) and without spilling anything. it’s as if this machine was made for living at ib…

slutet gott, allting gott we say in swedish. i have a stylish new coffee maker at home and my yellow old friend gets to feel important. and most important of all, kim and i won’t have another day like yesterday…


One comment

  1. miguel · · Reply

    It obviously needed a change of scenery?? Must be suited to office life…
    Slutet gott, allting gott = all’s well that ends well; Spanish: bien está lo que bien acaba…. Hmmmm

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