mellow yellow


in case you have missed it, my favourite colour is yellow.

spring is here!

no, it’s green! you say… and well, yes, i see why you might think that. i have about a thousand pieces of green clothes, i have a green bike, i used to have a green car.. but no. it’s still yellow. it’s always been yellow.

yellow is however a colour that you can easily get too much of. consider how long you can stand being in a mcdonald’s or similar fast food place.. there’s a reason why they use yellow and red in their decor. horrid.

compare it to green and you see that green is a colour you can never get enough of. it’s everywhere, it’s calming and it comes in so many variations that you can always find a favourite tone. so yes, i do love green. and i know green is the colour that goes best with my hair so i will continue buying green clothes, bags and shoes (speaking of, i still mourn my green esprit shoes that went to heaven two years ago.)

but still. yellow. makes me smile. every time. today i’m smiling at my nails. they’re yellow. mellow yellow.

just wanted you to know, didn’t really have anything better to write about…

and by the way.. i do have a yellow house 😉


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