easter came early

going to work earlier today i felt a bit like a walking piece of easter candy. light blue jeans, lime green blouse, purple scarf and of course my yellow nails… thinking so much of easter i wasn’t even surprised when i discovered the postman playing some sort of egg hunt with me. he was sitting there in his chair with a smug smile when i picked up the single letter in my box. usually if there’s a bigger package there will be a bright post-it with the word paket! and an arrow in which direction to start looking for your shipment. today there was no post-it but there was something about his smile and the way he said “now let’s see” to the other person present. didn’t take me long to spot it. the esprit box he had hidden behind five other boxes…

now let’s see if i learn how to walk in these high heels or if i have to return them. feeling a bit out of my comfort zone to be honest.


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