all the things i said

sitting at the kitchen table, listening to a sound i had hoped i wouldn’t hear anymore – the sound of the caretaker shovelling snow… it’s been snowing all day, and you can rest assured that i will not put my nose outside my door today. no, i’m perfectly fine here at home, eating some chocolate and reading some books. perhaps watching a film later on.

my headache is long gone, i realised later yesterday that it was because of the shindo my niece and i had tested the evening before. sitting with your head hanging for such a long time wasn’t really the best thing with tense shoulders. it was simply too much, leading up to the awful ache i woke up with. took several pills during the day but nothing really helped, i just had to live with it. but it wasn’t so bad, as i said i had a wonderful day and an even better evening.

H2 had invited the six of us for a russian dinner, simply delicious! i had asked people to dress according to the theme and it ended with three russian sailors, one russian flag upside down, one communist hussy and myself as the redhead from t.A.T.u…  i was a bit afraid to be eating borsch soup dressed in a borrowed tie, but both the tie and my white shirt survived, yej.

the evening ended with us playing charades for a couple of hours – i have a very hard time deciding who was funnier; J trying to explain that he is eating pea soup at nylands nation with johanna tukiainen or T trying to tell a story about tarzan playing yatzi with the easter bunny. i myself faced a bit of a challenge trying to show stephen hawking rolling to the pub, but i almost got it. unfortunately my team mate didn’t remember the name of “that ufo spaceman”, but she wasn’t far off when i showed her what she recognized as a big bird of prey and a king – if we only had had one more minute i’m sure she would’ve figured it out…

another thing i’m sure of is that the sun will be back tomorrow. the magic of march is just on a well deserved break today.


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