early bird

i haven’t got myself out of bed to go to work this early in… well.. in a very long time. don’t know if it’s the prospect of soon getting out of the basement or what, but it was certainly interesting coming to the university when the front doors were still closed.

people have been curious about my new job, asking me to tell more. in short. i am currently working as head of office for a small book store / printing-house located in the hanken school of economics (a.k.a. my old university.) it’s a firm owned by the student union, but we serve the staff of hanken as well. and yes, we are located in the basement, with a few windows from which you can see the sky if you put out your head and tilt it about 180 degrees (or at least that’s what it feels like..)

my new job is at hanken, at the departments of marketing and supply chain management and corporate geography. i’m going to be the substitute for the amanuensis* during her maternity leave. it’s perfect. i wanted something new, something in swedish and/or english, out of the basement and only temporary. i got exactly what i asked for, and i didn’t even have to look for a job – it found me.

so i am moving up three floors. my employer will change but not the people. well, except for… the only really bad thing about changing jobs, i’ll lose my assistant. there is a “help desk” at the department which is basically an assistant for the whole floor, but it’s not going to be the same. but on the other hand, i think losing an assistant this time means gaining a friend so it’s not all bad. i will still have to come down to the basement to buy stuff, i can always invite myself in for a coffee from time to time. if kim’s new boss will allow that… hmm..

*and in this case amanuensis is a little bit more than only “person employed to take dictation” or whatever old definition you might find.


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