the fox and the lamb

i started writing a comment to this post, but as it grew longer i decided to write a whole post instead…

this story is as heartbreaking as it is true. it took place about 20 years ago at gerby.

when i was growing up we had a lot of animals, amongst them a few sheep. we had them in long chains and moved them every third day – natural lawnmowers.. anyway, during summer we had lambs as well, they always ran around free, we knew they’d keep close to their mothers. one year we only had one small lamb and i don’t remember how it happened the first time, but for some sweet summer weeks a small fox puppy used to come and play with the lamb. every evening it came, we used to sit on the porch watching them some times. they would run around chasing each other (yes. it does look very weird when a lamb is chasing a fox) and rest together near the water bucket. the sheep mother would lie in one end of the lawn watching and the fox mother sit in the other end. they obviously had some sort of silent agreement going on.

one terrible day the little lamb died. we don’t know how or why, it was just dead as a stone. for two evenings the little fox came back, looking for his friend. the first night it didn’t stay that long, but the other night it really searched every corner of the yard. the sheep mother stood there crying and somehow the fox mother must have understood and barked once. the puppy went to her whining and she howled before they both walked away into the night never to return.


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