wednesday wisdom

Each new day you get a chance to turn it around. No matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been, no matter what you said or did – it’s a new chance for you. But you have to take it! You have to leave the past behind and leap joyously forward. Life is waiting for you. Joy is waiting for you. Success is waiting for you. Love is waiting for you.

So how long will you keep them waiting for you?

the quote above is by an australian actress named deborah ailman. quite inspirational i think. today one of my new colleagues told me what a lucky person i am to land a new job and still get july off. well yes, one might think so. but bloody hell, it was about time things started going my way! i think i have been through enough bad stuff the last few years…

nevertheless it feels a bit melancholic, my job is actually not the only thing i’m leaving behind this spring. but it’s as true as it’s been said, to give room for something new in your life you have to let go of something old. and that goes for all of us, whether it’s a job or only a pair of shoes. think about that for a while.


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