post halloween

something just hit me. the roof renovation blokes… i wonder what they’re thinking of me.. i mean.. mum provided them with a set of keys to be able to go inside at gerby and change a broken fuse, and when they go in, what do they see? first there’s a bloody hand* holding a pistol (don’t worry, only a toy) lying on the veranda table. next there’s a bat hanging in the opening between the hall and dining room. if you pass all this you will see enormous black and white spiders climbing the dining room curtains. and as a great big finale, sitting in the living room sofa is our friend the spider man.

bob spidey and bob the sporty ghost

knowing mum**,  she did not mention this to them when handing over the keys.

* T gave it to me as a christmas gift when our year at nylands nation was up some five years ago. the explanation went something like “since you have been my right hand this last year i thought it’d be fair if you get a non-functional left hand”

** i had warned her about it when she was headed there at one point during winter, didn’t want her to suffer from a cardiac arrest when walking into the living room. i should’ve known better.. when arriving, in the dusk, with her friend, mum had turned to the poor woman and asked if she could just go have a look if everything’s okay in the dining and living room, mum herself will go and check the kitchen. the poor woman had run out of the house screaming whilst mum was laughing her head off.


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