hairy business

middle of february vs. end of march. 20 cm people, 20 cm!!

a couple of months ago some friends and i discussed why it is that people so seldom seem to notice when you get a haircut. S was a bit upset none of us had mentioned her cutting her hair that week. N said not to worry, she had taken about 10 cm off at one point and no-one noticed that either. i tried to explain to S that people are used to seeing her in short hair, a few centimetres here and there isn’t really going to get people talking. to N i said that she on the other hand has so long hair that 10 cm is only a fraction. if she was to cut half of it i’m sure everyone would notice.

then i cut 20 cm off my hair and no-one noticed. i had it coming.

and for those of you who happen to see me today, no need to ask what i’ve done with my hair this time. the answer is nothing. for once i have done nothing with it and hence.. i look like the long-lost love child between hermione granger and ron weasly. blimey!



  1. Sophie A. · · Reply

    You know Hermione and Ron actually got married and had kids?

    1. yes. but since i’m in finland and not england i consider myself a bit lost.

  2. miguel · · Reply

    Chia, there is also a male mystery involving hair. Men are told by their wives or girlfriends (or mothers or sisters, for that matter, this is a life-long battle) not to cut their hair because they look better with it longish until suddenly one day, and this happens overnight, they are told that it’s about time they should get a haircut because they’re looking really disgusting and unkempt. How can your hair make you look like something vaguely attractive one day (even if it’s only as a poor imitation of Colin Firth, or whoever is the moment’s heartthrob) and disgustingly like a filthy hippy the very next morning???????

    1. hahahahhahahaaaa!!!! so true!!

      but that just happens. it’s the same thing for our hair.. one day your whole hairdo.. just.. stops working. and it always comes suddenly.

  3. miguel · · Reply

    A mystery!!!!

    1. and btw, colin firth is always something of a heartthrob. if you wake up like a hippie i suggest you jump off your horse and into the nearest pond (wearing a white shirt obviously) – you’ll be back to impersonating cool colin in a second and your wife’ll love it.

  4. forre · · Reply

    but what to do when it starts falling off? in a few years its’ all gone, except the hockeyfrilla and around the temples. somehow i dont think i’ll be mistaken for sean connery even if i dye the remaining hair white…

    1. no, i’m afraid you’ll still be mistaken for jeremy clarkson… which is loads better than being mistaken for matti nykänen (speaking of hockeyfrilla) so don’t worry! 😀

  5. miguel · · Reply

    We’ll all have to start doing a “bonita Aurelia” routine like in Love Actually…
    And… really shocked by the hockeyfrilla… unspeakable (kortare hår i luggen och på sidorna, och längre hår i nacken)???
    I think in Spain we call it a kale borroka (street terrorism) haircut because it’s the sort of haircut worn by young Basque apprentice terrorists who learn their trade burning cars and buses and throwing stones at the police…

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