cassandra and the assistant

can’t wait to start my new job for real. but i sure as hell will miss some things about the weird place called IB. taking another day off today (hey, i’ve got 38 days of holiday to burn before end of june..), not really getting anything done though, a bit tired after the last couple of day’s weak and vulnerable stream.
anyway. just got a message from the assistant…
Me: Cassandra*, we got a job to do
Cass: NO, I dont wanna.
Me: Please. we really need to do this
Cass: oh alright, but I’m not stapling anything.
Me: You kinda have to, its part of the job.
Cass: well, I’ll just eat the papers and get jammed then. nananananana
me: gets gun

the fact that i had forgotten to let him know we’re almost out of coffee can’t really be helping the situation over there right now…

*for those of you who haven’t been reading my blog regularly, cassandra is our big fancy colour copying machine. kim and i have both decided it is a female since it can do several things at once but it does it with its own logics and not necessarily the way you’d prefer. and sometimes it just takes a break and starts beeping (crying) for no reason at all.

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  1. miguel · · Reply

    Buy her some flowers!!!!
    38 days holiday still left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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