problem of the month

what the hell is this? is this where you recharge yourself when you feel tired in your legs? turbo-boost for running faster? AC for smelly feet? magnets for keeping your feet on the ground? gps for ex-prisoners?

was this the kind of shoes jesus wore when he walked on water?

magic shoes?



  1. Haha, its the famous Hermes-shoes :-))) (you know, whom I mean, the greek god’s messenger) – so these funny ends at the back of your feet are wings. When you’re tired of this world you just fly into another :-)))
    Tight hug my dear!!!!

    1. ooh, of course!:D i need a pair of those, where can i get them?!?? 😀

      (there’s this one really old sega game, toejam&earl, that we still play with my siblings and their children.. there you can actually get rocket-shoes that will make you fly.. usually straight to hell since they’re really hard to master.. for some reason i now picture myself flying around in that video game, haha!!)

      much love!

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