what to wear at kate’s hen party?

what an utterly weird night. i hadn’t eaten anything special (like cheese.. or anything else that’s swiss for that matter..) last night and the full moon was earlier this week so i cannot really understand why my brain would come up with all this…

first i dreamt that a very dear person died in a car accident (no, i’m not going to tell you who, people seldom like knowing they have died in someone’s dreams..) the bizarre part was that it wasn’t so bad, i was more troubled by the fact that this person decided to become my house ghost together with my dear dog gaina who died two years ago. they became quite the menace, and people were starting to avoid me due to extremely weird stuff happening around me. me trying to explain that i see dead people wasn’t really a hit either. well, at least my mother believed me after gaina pulling a table-cloth like she used to…

my dreams are often very long and even though the venues may change, the main theme often sticks. so in a later part of the dream, when trying to enjoy a lunch date (with the ghost babbling in my ear all the time,) i received an invitation. to kate middleton’s hen party. the fourth of june. this was extremely upsetting (even more so than the car accident) since i wasn’t planning on being in london that specific date. but you cannot really say no to an invitation like this, can you? in fact, it was so disturbing that i woke up. it took me several minutes of being irritated until i realised two things. 1, if the wedding is next week, why on earth would her hen party be in june? and 2, i don’t actually know kate middleton..

never the less, i cannot seem to get out of that dream. today, when queuing at the russian embassy, i found myself wondering what i should wear to the party..



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