changing tyres – how hard can it be?*

got my tyres changed during easter** and suddenly i found myself thinking back on years gone by.. changing tyres is always a bit of a challenge it seems. at least if i am involved in some way.

the first episode that comes to mind is autumn -06. winter came a week early and suddenly i found myself stuck in helsinki. my brother to the rescue though; he was kind enough to take my winter tyres from gerby and so it came that i went out one dark november night.

i could hear him a mile away, his car had some kind of midlife crisis that year, always a different sound. this time it was something like tjuffatjuffatjack. when he parked his car in front of mine i felt my head tilting. looking at the left back tyre i stood there quiet when he got out (dressed in white jeans and summer shoes – saying something about winter not being an excuse.) he came up beside me and simply asked “so, it’s not just me thinking it’s a bit crooked?” i looked at him and answered “no” thinking to myself that he’s gone barking mad, the wheel is about 20 degrees askew..

picture this – my brother is quite a bit darker than i am. he has as thick hair as i do though, and he hadn’t shaved. besides my tyres he had half a sofa in his car (long story) – and he drives with estonian plates (and you know what finns think about foreigners…) in almost every red light between his work and the street where my car was parked he had opened his door to have a look if his wheel was still there.. this he told me whilst moving my tyres from his car to mine. i didn’t know if i should laugh or.. well. laugh.

some minutes later i was watching him trying to fix the problem. he told me to go home if i wanted to (it was cold as hell) but i remember answering something about not wanting to miss this for anything… and damn was it worth it. when mum called to check if i had gotten my tyres he was actually jumping on the wrench (or whatever that tool is called) trying to get the nuts open.. i was laughing my head off by now.

some broken jeans and other adventures later he asked if i’m sure i don’t want him to change my tyres as well. i kindly rejected and offered to come help him carry the sofa instead. it just seemed like a better idea at the time and so we tjackatjackatjugged away.

the bloke i did get to change those tyres a few evenings later managed to back his company car right into a sign. the sign stayed crooked for half a year. but that’s a different story.

* top gear – need i say more?

** in finland we are obliged by law to use different tyres during winter



  1. So Germany and Finnland DO have something in common: The law for saison tyres! 😉

    1. oh, i didn’t know that! thought it was something only we nordics do.. good to know though 🙂

  2. forre · · Reply

    the bloke must have reversed quit fast. the sign was verry crooked…

    1. indeed it was 😀

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