changing tyres – how hard can it be? part II

i have a rule for people riding in my car: you are allowed to eat or drink but if you mess you clean the whole car. very simple and very good. no-one has ever made a mess in any of my cars. until autumn -08 when my nephew managed to throw coke everywhere. i could see how hard he was trying to come up with a witty explanation, but he obviously came to the conclusion it will be a losing battle, so he simply stated that doesn’t he always wash my car when he changes my tyres. i hadn’t even yet asked him if he’d be so kind this year, so i was happily surprised. we decided that the changing of tyres would take place a few weekends later, neither of us knowing what was to come…

friday morning when walking to work i passed my car. it was a sight for sore eyes. oh, i knew pigeons and crows used to gather in the trees behind hanken, but little did i know they actually lived there. my first reaction was kill kill kill combined with tears burning in my eyes. then i suddenly heard my nephew’s voice in my head and those tears turned into tears of laughter. i went to work and sent him a message reminding him of his promise.

next day when i pulled up at my sister’s yard i thought my niece would die of laughter. or at least until my nephew told her she was to help him, it was about time she learnt how to change tyres.  i felt bad for both of them so i decided to help as well. all the while when scrubbing, my nephew was talking. not swearing, that’s not like him, but never the less talking. “oh me and my big mouth. and you and your parking. you couldn’t park anywhere else. nooo, you had to park under a tree inhabited by 67 crows and 29 pigeons. you couldn’t come last weekend, noo, you had to party last weekend. i have the weekend OFF from the army and what do i get to do? i can’t wait to go back so i can rest”

my niece and i were still laughing. our part of the helping was basically to add more washing liquid and listening to him going on about my parking skills. suddenly he stopped talking. the silence was so abrupt that both my niece and i turned to him asking what happened. shit happened, he spat and continued something about me holding the water hose wrong and damned wind and bird shit tasting like.. shit. he ended with stating he thinks it’s best if i go inside to drink coffee with my sister now.

i did. and i haven’t parked behind hanken since.



  1. Claus the man · · Reply

    the aunt who remembered to much 😛

    1. always 😉 i could write quite a few texts about you my dear…

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