managing director

what a weird feeling. only today and tomorrow left in the basement. okay, i will still have to return to help with some administrative things at the end of june, but some helpful hours here and there don’t really count, do they..

almost six years. that’s a really long time of blood, sweat and tears. and laughter. there’s always been a lot of laughter in the basement, otherwise i wouldn’t have stayed for so long. those first years it was a complete mess; the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, the machines old and broken most of the time, the assistants drunk (well, yes. at least one of them back in the days.. at one point he couldn’t come to work because he had got arrested for filming a shooting. the police let him and the other blokes go when they had established the poor ‘dead’ fellow was very much still alive and the ‘blood’ indeed was ketchup..) and people counting the days until i would give up and admit myself to a closed ward.

but i have always been a headstrong girl. once i have decided on something, i will not give up on it. which you may have noticed.


one morning in the year 0 i found this new background when turning on my computer. another time i found drawings on the screen and a post-it saying "sorry, i thought it was a non-permanent marker..."


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