today’s kim III

my my, what a few days away from the basement can do…  had some errands to run down there today. you know, i still have to return from time to time, whenever i need to buy something for my new job. anyway, the assistant (officially i am still his boss, for four more weeks) had one good look at me and said with a baffled face “you look different today… you look… happy!”

that might just be the nicest compliment i’ve gotten in a very long time!

anyhow, i’m actually not the only smiley face around. the assistant is also happy and today i can let you in on it: as of august he will be the boss of the basement. congrats kim!

to quote myself, march 1st: now things will start to happen. mark my words. it’s time. when i said (and later wrote) that, kim got a bit sad and wondered “if you leave, what about me?” i told him not to worry. truth is that i had already made up my mind that when i do find a way out, i’ll do my very best to make him my successor. after all, it is quite an interesting and fun job. the first two or three years.

and you know what. this is only the beginning. summer is here and you just wait and see..


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