when you’ve been very busy, you have to wait for your soul*

woke up on friday feeling quite irritated. not really knowing why i decided to take it out on the one thing i thought might be the source. got to work early and whilst the coffee was brewing in the kitchen, i composed some well articulated sentences and sent them due south. problem solved within two hours. one of my friends told me i would suit as an officer within the ss, the assistant in the basement said if he’d gotten that e-mail he’d built me a hotel himself. hrmh.

after that the bad conscience hit and got me feeling a bit blue.

finished everything i had told myself i need to get done, and since still a bit down, i decided to quit early and head out to gerby. it took me an hour to just get out of helsinki. wtf, since when do traffic jams start at 3 pm already?

on top of feeling frustrated and blue, i was by now also feeling restless and anything but nice. in an attempt to bury my feelings, i tried to summon together some sort of game night. my sister told me to calm down and perhaps just stay on the sofa. first i got even more irritated. until i sat down and realised how tired i was.

48 hours later i am quite reluctantly back in town. i have been sleeping for over 20 hours, eating toast with chocoladehagel and watching old tom cruise movies on vhs. i have also been rearranging the guest room, scrubbing the veranda, taking out the yard furniture, cleaning the kitchen cupboards and.. of course.. enjoying my wonderful sun chair. i am now in total holiday mode and do not want to do anything that involves my brain. unfortunately tomorrow’s monday. happy happy joy joy.

*chinese proverb


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