all is well.

stayed up late, very late, last night fb-chatting with my nephew. when did he grow up to become such a fine young man? i can still remember the day he was born. that was the day i got my first pony. he was so cute with his dark mane and soft muzzle…

later i got excited about the baby as well. he was also kind of cute with his chubby cheeks.. in the long run he did actually prove to be funnier to be around than the horse. and lately he has proven to be more than funny. he’s quite intelligent and very thoughtful. hmh. who would’ve thought.

anyway. what started out as a humoristic discussion ended up to be very serious. we were talking about relationships, feelings and emotions and in an attempt to perhaps give an explanation for something completely else, he instead opened my eyes to my own behaviour. after contemplating for a while i’ve come to a conclusion. somewhere along the way i have opened up too much. i have always been the writer, i know that. this blog proves that. but it’s not all good. and it’s time to close up again. not everyone needs to know everything. writing a blog gives some sort of false sense of anonymity and it only ends up in me being irritated over too many knowing too much about me. i need to go back to the days when only the people i chose get access to my inner thoughts.

i’m not putting the blog on ice or quitting it, but i will keep the posts lighter and funnier. even though i have noticed that the chia-pouring-her-heart-out-posts have had more readers than the silly a-friend-named-uno-ones, i will stick to the latter. if you want to know how i’m doing, you will have to ask me yourself.




  1. Dearest Chia,
    I guess every person in the world needs to be “read” – in thoughts and feelings.
    There are times in which you need it urgently – some resign and live their sad and unaccomplished life as it has been before, without adapting to that urgent desire of sharing.
    The others just act (which is fully a trait of your character πŸ˜‰ and change some aspects in their lives until thy get what they need. A doctor of Psychology once told me: That is the animal-instinct in us, which is very healthy πŸ™‚

    Only by that second way you could come to the point where you are now – when the consequences of your changed, opened-up life begin to annoy you…

    I think its good and I am with you – even if that means I will only laugh when I read your posts in future.
    And I am sure: even in a loud laughter of yours I’ll be able to see that was lies behind: you!

    A tight hug and kiss!!
    Yours Renata

    1. I had not even thought of it out of that perspective. But you do have a point. Or many points actually πŸ™‚

      You usually do. I am very fortunate to have you in my life. Always that explaining voice…

      All my love to you and G, hope you have a wonderful holiday together. I’ll write to you when I’m at Gerby next week.

      Hugs and kisses.

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