the satanist and the foghorn eurotrashing in segovia

Dear diary,
This weekend I went to Spain.

I watched a sheep get shaved, ate half a piglet and one of the glass birds I had brought as gifts ended up shitting itself. I got accused of being a satanist, went to a ball with general Franco’s daughter and got a ride with an 80-year-old historian who had met marshal Mannerheim. He had actually also seen Philip V in person, which is quite the achievement since Philip V died in the 18th century…

I did not go to the playa nor did I drink sangria. I watched no bullfights nor did I get burned in the sun. And the card I was going to send my mother is still in my hand-luggage. 

And oh, I almost forgot. I bought a Mona Lisa. She’s fat. 

It was a truly bizarre weekend.



  1. miguel · · Reply

    How do we get you to come next year????

    1. Give us dates..? 🙂 just have to check it doesn’t interfere with any other iwe.

  2. miguel · · Reply

    BY the way, you can’t imagine the success this post is having when I tell Spanish people about your comments!! They love them!!

    1. Haha!!! You know, I was writing the post already in the bus back to Madrid (viva la iPhone notepad)… Only added the last bizarre-remark when I published it. (was hoping I could’ve deleted the part about the postcard, but I knew myself a tad too well… gave mum the card today in person along with a cute bottle of olive oil from the palace in la granja..)

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